Ketone diet or ketogenic diet is different from other forms of diet adapted to lose body weight. The food chart consists of eatables high in fat, moderate in protein proportions and the level of carbohydrates is quite low. It is planned to get adequate calories needed for energy from fat and protein and not from carbohydrates. This way, your body’s stored sugar depletes leading to breaking of protein and fat, thus your weight gets lower and lower.

Why ketone diet is stated to be best?

  • Present easy way to lose weight.

It is a well-known fact that it takes a long time to turn fat into energy compared to carbohydrates into energy. Thus, your body weight reduces fast.

This diet helps you avoid munching something every few minutes as the intake of protein quantity is in adequate level..

  • Best mode to reduce acne.

Diet and blood sugar proportions are some of the major causes for acne on face and other part of the body. This is because low intake of carbohydrate food doesn’t allow in fluctuation of your sugar level. People like to follow keto diet as there are minimized chances of forming acne.

  • Perfect diet to maintain your cardio health

If you eat right fatty food, be sure that your bad cholesterol level will reduce greatly. Even in some keto diet followers, the good cholesterol that is HDL increased, thus heart remains healthy.

  • Risk of suffering from cancer symptoms is minimized.

Studies show that the complications arising due to insulin paving way to form cancer cells can be restricted. Following keto diet helps to simply reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

  • Hormone issues in women reduce to a great extent.

Due to hormonal changes women always gain weight suddenly or subject to other unhealthy problems. This can be prevented by following the keto diet food chart.

  • Can help in enhancing brain function.

In some medical studies, it has been seen that keto diet helps to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson and Alzheimer’s. Following keto diet from childhood helps in keeping your mind alerts.

To follow keto diet, you need to do proper planning and strictly follow the food chart prepared by your dietician. To know more about keto diet, visit the website Browse through the site to know who is Dr. Anna Cabeca?  Reading the blogs posted on the website, will surely motivate you to try keto diet.