Coolsculpting is an alternative treatment for liposuction. This treatment sis approved by FDA in September 2010. During the process, it destroys the fat cells and chill them to the point just above freezing.

Are You a Candidate

This treatment is not a weight loss program. People who are obese and overweight might not be a good candidate for this treatment. The ideal candidates for this method are men and women who are planning to lose 10-15 pounds, by targeting specific body areas such as torso, arms, back and chest.

Which Body Areas Can Be Treated with Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting procedure is the best option for treating different body areas in men and women, particularly those areas that are susceptible to fat lumps which are not easily reduced over diet and workout. The body areas which can be effectively treated with coolsculpting include:

  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs
  • Love handles
  • Abdominals
  • Double chin

Coolsculpting Process

This process is performed by a specialized healthcare provider or doctor using a handheld device. This device contains an applicator which is similar to vacuum cleaner or nozzles. During the treatment phase, your healthcare provider will first apply a gel pad and applicator on the targeted areas. This applicator deliver the cooling the specified fat. After this the healthcare provide move the device on the skin while managing suction and cooling technology to the target areas. During treatment you will feel some pulling and pinching, but overall this is a painless process. This healthcare provider will massage the area after the treatment to break the frozen deep tissues. It will help your body to start absorbing the destroyed fat cells.

What Happens After Coolsculpting

After next few weeks, the frozen fat deposits will flushed out from the body naturally, during this time you will start seeing the results. Some people might experience slight reddening of the skin, mild sensitivity in the area. Each area which is treated using coolsculpting sees an average fat reduction of 20-30%. The broken fat cells don’t instantly leave the body after treatment. Instead, they crystallize and ultimately die. The body then starts removing the dead fat cells. While some individuals might see difference after just one session, others need two or may be more to see an obvious change in the size of their waist or in the circumference of their thighs. It’s also worth observing that results can take as long as 16 weeks (4 months) to become visible. It all depends on how quickly your body is capable to remove the damaged fat cells. One of the benefits of the treatment, though, is that once those cells are gone, they are permanently gone.

Among all non-invasive procedures, Coolsculpting has the highest satisfaction rate which is around 73%. Over 86% of patients who experience this procedure show clear improvement in their appearance. Outcomes of coolsculpting depends on several aspects such as the type of body, the area being treated, and the number of treatments administered.