Before you choose a plastic surgeon, there are many factors to consider. If you are happy with the medical facility and everything seems modern and clean, you should focus on evaluating the surgeon who will perform the procedure. Although you will have a long list of questions to ask the surgeon about his knowledge and experience, you should also have some questions for yourself.

Is He/She Patient?

If you have a consultation with a plastic surgery clinic on soi 1 in Bangkok, make sure you assess the surgeon during the meeting. A good quality cosmetic surgeon will be patient and easy to talk to. When you ask questions about the procedure, they will happily answer each one as best as they can. They won’t disrupt, dismiss, or rush you in any way. A good surgeon will be confident in their practice and they will immediately put you at ease while in their presence.

Many patients feel anxious before their surgery, that is why you need a professional to share information about the entire process in a relaxed and respectful manner.

Do They Offer Support?

Preparing for surgery is not an easy thing, many of us are apprehensive about the procedure and need the support of our doctor. When you feel vulnerable or anxious about plastic surgery, a good doctor will provide support and guidance.

They should show empathy and listen carefully to your needs. The surgeon should offer encouragement and a customised plan.

Do You Get a Good Vibe?

From the moment you walk into the clinic up until you leave, you should get a good feel from the place. The surgeon should be caring and kind, listening carefully to your story and offering a plan that’s suits you.

You must feel comfortable in their presence and the entire interaction should put your mind at ease. In addition to assessing the surgeon, you should also evaluate other staff members. How do they address you? Does everything feel professional and well-run? Are they happy to have you there, or are you just another customer through the door?

The facility may look great, the staff professional and the internet full of 5-star online reviews, but if it doesn’t feel right to you, you should trust your gut instinct. In addition to asking all the obvious questions about your doctor’s qualifications and experience, you should also look at yourself and see if the surgeon ticks all the boxes for you.