Medical tourism has really grown in popularity that most people who want to perform cosmetic surgery are seeking to have this procedure abroad. The number of medical procedures in Poland has been rising dramatically over the last few years.

The majority of patients come from Sweden, the United Kingdom, Germany and other Scandinavian nations. Also, there is a trend with Polish Americans returning to have medical procedures performed in Poland while visiting their relatives, which has raised a much greater interest in this country as a destination for medical tourism among other citizens of the United States. Why do people choose to have cosmetic surgery Poland?


Operating abroad gives people a sense of privacy that’s not attainable in their countries. Patients who want to undergo cosmetic surgery might wish to be alone just with closed ones. So being away from many questions relieves anxiety for those looking to turn around their lives with surgery.

Better Techniques

Surgeons in Poland are highly qualified and every clinic in Poland that performs cosmetic surgery is perfectly equipped. The clinics also use modern technologies and top-quality materials when it comes to procedures. Generally, the country has a very large network of well-organised clinics regulated by the government of Poland.


Most people believe that cost-efficiency is the main factor for medical tourism popularity. While that is partially true, costs aren’t the only reason most people are attracted to medical tourism. The prices are 2 to 3 times less than in most of the countries in Europe. This makes Poland a good option for people looking for affordable surgery prices plus qualified medical teams.

Poland is centrally positioned in Europe, making it equally accessible plus easy to reach from many nations. There are many daily budget flights travelling to Poland from North America and all over Europe. This makes travelling to this nation a cost-effective proposition.

The Experience

Medical tourism is also a valuable opportunity for people who enjoy exploring new land. Most clinics in Poland help in arranging accommodation as well as transfers. Before the procedure, you will get a chance of touring around this beautiful country. The nation is rich in fine culture, extraordinary historical sites and scenic landscapes. Whether you choose to explore the country’s vibrant cities, the forests and lakes of her scenic countryside or other tourist attractions in the country, you are certain to bring away those rich memories.

Recovery Centres

Luxurious and five-star centres set amidst the striking natural beauty of this country makes it the perfect destination to recuperate after undergoing surgery. Apart from addressing all the personal and medical needs of patients, these centres offer wellness experiences through alternative treatments and spas.

English Speaking Surgeons

With the Polish government push to medical tourism, medical professionals, including surgeons, are trained and proficient in English. Pamphlets and brochures providing information about the clinic and the treatment it is offering in addition to signage boards are available in English.