It is recommended mostly by dentists to go for dental implants as they are fixed permanently. All procedures help in creating teeth that act naturally. In dental implantation, a screw made of titanium is used, to fix in the gum and is left for days to heal. It is said that titanium doesn’t react with skin and also doesn’t get rusted. Once the screw fixes firmly in the gum, then a post is inserted on which the teeth is placed and screwed.

The tooth cannot be just any tooth. The surgeon takes mould of your natural teeth and prepares implants dentaires biens faits of same size and colour. This helps in maintaining your jaw bone structure and tooth line. This tooth is then fixed in the gap giving you a natural feeling. Whether you eat hard food, drink hot chocolate or smile confidently, it will never appear or act as artificial tooth, thus giving you extreme comfort.

However, if the implantation isn’t done correctly then there are some drawbacks that can be observed –

  • There will be continuous pain and discomfort. It can be either because of healing process or can be the cause of incorrect implantation, in such case when the pain persists then you should visit your dentist.
  • After surgery there may be slight swelling in your face that will go away with time, but if you see slight reddishness or feel inflammation in your gum then it can be some infection.
  • If you feel that your implant is getting loose and you can move your teeth then visit your dentist without delay.

These problems can be when you don’t follow your dentist’s prescription and eat something that was restricted, also when you’re allergic to some medicines. However, sometimes failure during the procedure can also lead to such troubles. Here are few things that can lead to problems –

  • Sometimes, a human body cannot accept a foreign object and react immediately. It is imperative that your dentist checks beforehand if you’re allergic to any metal.
  • Sometimes, the body reacts late to certain foreign objects, this cannot be determined unless you don’t face any problem. Under such circumstances, your dentist should prepare your diet so that a traumatic bite shouldn’t misalign your teeth.

  • Older technologies of implants were less durable and compatible than the new ones, but that doesn’t mean your dentist should disturb your teeth even if they are working fine.

Maintaining oral hygiene is very important, whether it is a bridge, denture or implant. Brushing teeth twice daily and regular visit to your dentist every three months is essential.